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Kondo G700i

Kondo G700i

€ 72.500,00Prijs

Deze voorversterker is ontworpen om de rijke en volwassen sound van de g70i te combineren met het expressieve karakter van de g1000. Met behulp van specifiek circuit design en ontelbare luister sessies is er een voorversterker ontwikkeld met topklasse specificaties en expressiviteit.


De g700i is geen downgrade tov de g1000 en ook geen upgrade tov de g70i, maar opereert in zijn eigen expressieve klasse.




  • Equipped with a 50-point attenuator employing a newly developed high-quality MELF-type resistor.
  • Power supply unit and amplification unit are housed in separate enclosures to minimize the effects of vibration and magnetic flux leakage.
  • Decoupling capacitors are placed near the amplification module to minimize signal loops.
  • Large shunt-type heater power circuit redesigned to accommodate increased current.
  • A variety of in-house components including SSWs and pure silver foil capacitors are used, and each component is carefully manufactured by hand-wiring.
  • Pure copper chassis for open sound.
  • Front panel with the same curved wires as the GE-7.
  • Technische specificaties

    Product Stereo line preamplifier
    Model G-700 i
    Frequency Response 8Hz ~ 280kHz (+0dB, -3dB / with 100kΩ load, Unbalanced)
    Input / Impedance RCA 4pairs, XLR 1pair, Unbalanced / 50kΩ
    Output RCA x2, XLR x1 (unbalanced, over 20 kΩ load)
    Gain 25dB
    Noise less than 0.15mV
    Vacuum Tubes 6072 x4, 6CA4 x1
    Power consumption 35W
    Dimensions Main unit 302mm(W) 160mm(H) 412mm(D)
    Power supply unit 160mm(W) 160mm(H) 412mm(D)
    (excluding protrusions)
    Weight Main unit 14.5kg
    Power supply unit 12kg
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